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As a website designer and developer based out of Kauai HI, I work alongside a team of professional overseas collaborators to ensure that our knowledge is continually expanding to meet the needs of the ever-evolving online market. Take a look at Emagine Web Marketing to read more about what we do!


– Dara Kain


Using WordPress and the latest online themes, we build and customize websites based on the vision of each client to engage their audience and create new business opportunities. Our first choice theme to work with is Bridge, as they offer a wide range of professional features to cater to the diverse needs of each unique project.


– HTG Web Team


As a team, we offer essential elements such as project design, website development, SEO integration (search engine optimization), and basic training to inform our clients on how to navigate their website as well as build their business through increased online traffic.


– HTG Web Team

Hosting and Domain

If you’re not already set-up with a hosting & domain package, we can help you get started! Haven’t decided on which server to team up with yet? Ask us about which providers we recommend!

Website Migration to WordPress

Not currently with WordPress? No problem! We can migrate your website onto a WordPress platform and get started from there!

Build & Design

Using WordPress-friendly themes, our personal favorite being Bridge, we can either build your website using a ready-made demo or a custom layout based on your needs.

Mobile Optimization

Websites these days need to be able to adapt to the various interfaces that they’re searched upon. Thankfully whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop that you’re using, we ensure that our websites maintain their optimal design and technical integrity.

SEO Integration

To increase the amount of traffic to your website through general and specified online searches, we ensure that you’re set up with search engine optimization, meaning that your site doesn’t go unnoticed.

Google Analytics

It’s important to see how viewers interact with your website. With Google Analytics Integration, you can monitor the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual fluctuations of how effective your marketing and business strategies are.

eCommerce Friendly

Hoping to have your very own online shop? No problem. We work with WooCommerce: a professional online platform from which to sell your digital services or material products. Now you can feel confident knowing that you have the ability to monitor, track, and follow-up on your sales with WooCommerce’s easy-to-use interface.

Basic Training

We want you to feel comfortable with navigating your own website, that’s why we include a free one-hour training with any project we work on! This way making basic adjustments to your website content, blog postings, shop items, or otherwise will be at your very own fingertips!

Personalized Experience

Since we are a small company, we only work on a few projects at a time so we can give your website the attention it deserves. Any questions you may have are directly attended to by one of our team members.

Your Designer & Developer: Dara Kain

Passionate about the creative arts & travel, web design and development has propelled me into a world where I can help others feel confident about their online presence while following my personal joy as a globe-trotting adventure seeker! I find inspiration in the diverse landscapes of the world among a community of people who enjoy sharing meaningful experiences. If I’m not behind my computer building your website, you’ll often find me out in nature, in a yoga studio, browsing a health food store, or people-watching over a cup of artisanal coffee!


Using simple designs and minimalistic concepts, our team is dedicated to creating visually-appealing and professional websites for your business. I collaborate with others remotely to ensure that each website is set-up with not only a beautiful appearance, but with features that are user-friendly, mobile-optimized, and made for ideal functionality.

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Please include a brief description of your project along with an approximate budget so that we can determine whether or not it will be a good fit for both you and us. Also note that we only work within the WordPress platform. If you would like to transfer your current website content onto this platform, we would be happy to provide you with this service!

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